Trinity Pastor ScottWe know it can be hard to visit a new church…especially a small one. But this is what you can expect at Trinity:

No megawatt praise bands, hundred voice choirs, or special effects. What we have is the Gospel.

No expectation to “look the part.” We have folks who simply come as they are…wearing blue jeans, slacks, shorts, dress shirts, t-shirts, ties, dresses, polished shoes, muddy shoes, boots, and the occasional bonnet or cowboy hat!

No “secret handshakes.” We work pretty hard for this to not feel like a club. We are a church home, and we welcome all.

No “perfection” expected. You don’t have to “have it together”, you don’t have to be a “well-rounded Christian,” you don’t have to look like the “perfect family,” you don’t have to have the perfect past…or present! We all come here because we need the perfect love and grace of Jesus Christ. Whatever your status in life, you are welcome here.

People Coming With Children: We like kids. No kidding! We have a dynamic Bible story-based Sunday School that meets every-other week starting September 13. We also think faith is something that is experienced and taught through participation. We’d love to have you and your children practicing faith together in worship!

Our worship service can and should sound like life, if not directly reflect it. So the sounds of talking, crying, giggling, singing, “sibling interactions” and general wiggly-ness is also part of worship. So, parents, don’t worry about being judged. If there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and you and your child need a break, we have a nursery connected to the back of the sanctuary where you can still see and hear the service.

We practice weekly communion. We have an open table at Trinity, which means that everyone without exception is invited to receive the bread and wine, which for us is the body and blood of Christ. This is the Lord’s Table. All are welcome. We also offer gluten free and non-alcoholic bread and wine.